It is a scientific communication project which aims to improve the scientific culture of society by disseminating results of research in plant biology while breaking the negative stereotypes associated with this job.

How do you imagine the life of a plant biologist inside the Lab?

How do you imagine the life of a plant biologist outside the Lab?

Some people think that we work as botanists, collecting leaves and seeds in the open field.

  • Some other just ask for advice for their plants on the balcony. «Why are my plants dying even though I water them every day?» «Why are the leaves of my geranium turning yellow?»

  • It is quite difficult to explain what we do to family and friends, and even more difficult to describe the work with plant DNA and proteins to the public opinion.

  • Indeed, in the public imagination we manipulate dangerous food, «Frankestein Food», wearing mask, cap and glasses.

  • Actually, participation in outreach activities revealed a lack of correct information on plant research and the real need to bridge the gap between plant scientists and non-specialists.

The word «secret» is not because we have something to hide, but mainly because the public opinion doesn’t know exactly what we are doing and what we are in the real life.

«Being a Plant Biologist: Myths & Truths»
Videos of the interviews to young scientists

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