Arnau Rovira

Inside the LAB

  • Arnau Rovira is a “brand-new” PhD from Vic (Catalonia). He investigates how plants regulate their growth depending on light signals, and specifically how plants behave during the day and during the night.

  • Indeed, plants can see the light through photoreceptors called phytochromes, and depending on how they perceive it, they develop different physiological responses.

    Outside the LAB

    • Arnau lives in Vic (Catalonia) and loves the mountains in the nearby. When he’s not in the lab, Arnau is organizing trekking with his friends. Furthermore, he loves running and training for ultra-trails.


      • Introduce yourself
      • Let’s talk about your Project
      • Let’s talk about pros and cons of being a plant biologist
      • Let’s talk about free time
      Project Manager: Michela Osnato
      Video: Carla Sedini