Naveen Kalluri

Inside the LAB

  • Naveen Kalluri is a PhD student from Hyderabad (India). His PhD project focuses on genetic improvement of Prunus persica (peach).

  • Actually, he’s developing new peach varities with better fruit quality and prolonged shelf life. This means that fruits could be kept for a longer period after being harvested.

    Outside the LAB

    • Naveen is really keen on physical activity. From his boss, he learnt to split the day in two and goes to the gym almost everyday at lunch time. After the break, he goes back to the lab with more energies.


      • Introduce yourself
      • Let’s talk about your Project
      • Let’s talk about pros and cons of being a plant biologist
      • Let’s talk about free time
      Project Manager: Michela Osnato
      Video: Carla Sedini